Teen Queen UK is the UK's first teen pageant with a huge emphasis on charity which enables young teens all over the UK make their charity visions become reality.

Charity Works

We aim firstly to educate teens about the importance of charity and giving and inspire them to improve lives of people in developing countries as well as giving a select and special few to see first hand how their fundraising has improved lives. Since setting up Teen Queen UK, we have raised almost £90,000 for various charites including The Phillip Green Memorial Trust and the MAD Foundation (Make A Differnece). In 2010, we were introduced to the Mad Foundation and all the wonderful work they do across the world. We were fortunate enough to visit some of their projects in Ghana with four teenagers from the Teen Queen UK competition, after monies raised by Teen Queen UK funded a new school. All our lives were touched and we were all truly moved by what we saw. We also discovered that small changes make a huge difference and we really came to understand that teenagers really want to help. Since that trip to Ghana, we have continued to raise money and visited Ghana with some of our contestants and in 2012 saw the largest group, fourteen in total, lend a helping hand in the remote villages.

In 2013 and beyond, we hope to continue to build on the charity work Teen Queen UK do, by raising teen awareness and raising more funds for charity and changing lives for the better and in continuing to inspire teens in the UK. Our aim is to educate, improve and inspire future generations to build better lives and give hope to the less fortunate. In a world driven by money, fame and material possessions the objective of Teen Queen UK is to enable teens across the UK to realise their full potential and by making a few simple changes in their lives they can make a huge difference to the lives of others in developing countries.

By touching the lives of the people in these projects, our teens will grow into well rounded, caring, kind individuals and confident adults. Teen Queen UK will give teens a purpose and a real understanding of the importance of charity.

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