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Chloe King

Chloe King


hi my name is chloe king , i would firstly like to thank everyone for giving me a chance to make my dream a reality. i am currently studying for a BTEC national diploma in art and design at the university for the creative arts, and then hopefully go on to work in the fashion world as i want to be a fashion designer


i sing, dance,act, i design clothes, i cook like a pro, play guitar, i can swim 1000 metres or more ,i can walk in 9 inch heels.


my biggest ambition is to be a famous model... and win miss teen queen as i believe that i will be a good role model for all teenage girls and be admired as i am ambitious,i go for my dreams and strive to succeed.i am also working very hard in college so that when i leave ,i can get a place in st Martin's in London to study fashion design. when i have finished my degree, and made it as a successful designer, i plan own a strip of beach in Spain with my house on stilts half on land and half in sea with a glass bottom floor so that i can see the fish swimming underneath and a indoor pool dipped down in to the sea so it feels like your in the sea but your actually not. also a glass ceiling that opens up from the middle so you can watch the stars at night .

5ft 9inch (176cm)
26inch (67cm)
Medium Brown
Brown / Hazel