Brooke Jones

Brooke Jones


I have just received my gcse grades, I received 2 a*s and 9 a's, including an a in drama which I believe will help me be as confident as I can in this competion! I have also been training in a karate club for the past eleven years and will be graded for my black belt shortly, karate is an important part of my life, it has taught me how to work as a team with my peers and also has kept me fit and healthy for the majority of my life. I have also taken a lead in a lot of things to do with school; such as form captain etc, and I have kept these roles for up to a year at a time. I hope that soon, I can add to my list of acheivments, that I gained a respectable position, or perhaps even the title of teen queen, setting me up for my future in the world of fashion and modelling!


I believe I am a talented actress and I am currently studying it for gcse and will take it onto a levels, this has given me qualities such as public speaking, entertaining but also has given me a lot of confidence within myself, that I hope will help me to flourish within this competition! I would like to think that one of my talents is making people happy and laugh, I believe I am a 'people person'. My talents also include the Martial arts, Theatre and I am also a very academic person, usually consolidating good grades within most of my subjects!


My ambition is to become a successful model,I love everything to do with the world of fashion, and I hope that this competion will introduce me to how it works, modelling is where my passion lies so I hope I can get as far as I can in it!

5ft 8inch (173cm)
28inch (72cm)
Dark Brown