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Saffron Corcoran

Saffron Corcoran


At the end of junior school I competed at a regional level of athletics and achieved a silver medal in 400m and 100m sprint. I have completed my first wedding cake at the age of 15 and received full commission. At the age of 14 I was accepted into East Midlands girls rugby team and was part of their team for a year before I moved house. I received 2 Luton In Harmony awards, one for helping a child who was bullied and another for working with a disabled child frequently. In January 2012 I was accepted into Westminster Kingsway, a famous college known for producing top chefs (Ainsley Harriott and Anthony Worrell-Thompson studied here)


Athletics (100m sprint, 100m hurdles, high jump and 200m), Horse riding (jumping at 4ft), Patisserie skils and working alongside children (with disabilities such as ADHD, Aspergers, Autism etc)


I want to become a phenomenal patisserie chef once I've left college, at the age of 19 I hope to start work in a patisserie kitchen specialising in celebration cakes. Then by the time I am 21, I would like to consider getting a business registered under my name in the celebration cake side of patisserie. By the time I am 25, I would hope to have my own shop in central London and a team of other patisserie chefs helping me create outstanding cakes for all of London and even further. Then at 30, I would hoped to of created cakes for the famous and I would love to have apprentiships paid by myself for young chefs who want to go into the patisserie business when they have completed school or college. I'd also love to have the honour of being crowned Miss Teen Queen UK as its a real confidence booster for a teenage girl and such an achievement in life at the age of 16.

5ft 7inch (171cm)
27inch (69cm)
Medium Brown