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Misha Pandit

Misha Pandit


I was chosen for the school cheer leading team and every since then i had been a flyer for the squad. I've also won silver in gymnastics. I did bollywood dancing for 3 years and entered many competitions. I am on the 'gifted and talented' list for media studies. Through making youtube videos, i was contacted by claire's accessories to film how-to videos for their website!


I make youtube beauty&fashion videos in my spare time(mvpxo). I am very good at textiles and i'm already achieving a*'s in my gcse classes. I am very passionate with creative writing and like to write in my spare time. I also am very creative with nail art and would sit there for hours doing nails, i like to treat the nail as a canvas and piece of art.


I would love to become a fashion editor within a fashion/beauty magazine. I wish to achieve this dream/goal in california! I just love cali so much! I would love to work within the media and styling. Also i would like to do modelling on the side. Waking up to a job i enjoy would be the best thing ever! Without enjoying what you do there would be no happiness.

5ft 1inch (155cm)
Brown / Hazel