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Dakota Simpson

Dakota Simpson


I have taught dance to small children and i have also worked with disabled children. I have been in many school plays including hairspray. I have my own youtube channel called olaybeauty03 where i make beauty videos. I make and sell accessories locally and i have my own facebook page for it called dee-lightful accessories. I am also working on my arts award silver for dance at school. I raise money every year for comic relief by selling cakes that I have made in my local area.


I love doing hair and makeup and all things beauty. I also love cooking and my mum teaches me new recipes all the time. I am also learning spanish at the moment which i love doing so that in the future i can interact with people who speak another language. I think that it is great to know more than one language.


I would love to become miss teen princess in the future, and inspire young girls and make them become more confident in themselves. And as i am only 14 there are still lots of thing that i want to achieve in the future. I absolutely love dance and drama and it is something that i really enjoy. I am also interested in the world and as my family has a house in spain my ambition is to perfect the spanish language so that i can interact with the spanish people when i visit spain. And that is why i love doing spanish and learning new things. As i said before i have my own beauty youtube channel called olaybeauty03 i already have 140 subscribers and i hope to inspire more girls in the future. I don't have one specific ambition however i would love to improve on all of these things and be successful at what i choose to do. Also in a few years time my parents are going to visit africa to help out, and i am going to go with them as i think it would be an unforgettable special experience.

5ft 4inch (163cm)
24inch (61cm)
Brown / Hazel