Enter Teen Queen UK

  • Are you Photogenic and do you love being in front of the camera?
  • Do you care about the enviroment?
  • Could you be a positive role model to other girls?
  • Are you confident?
  • Do you have an interest in working with charities?
  • Are you ambitious?
  • Are you compassionate?

If you can answer yes to the above questions then you could be the next Teen Queen! There is no height restriction and no previous pageant experience is required.


Step 1:

If you make it through to the voting stages, your name and town will be displayed as below
To enter the competition, please fill in all fields below, then you will be able to access an application form.


I and my parent/guardian have read, understood and agree to the rules and conditions of the Teen Queen UK contest including information regarding social network sites. I understand that if I accept the rules I must agree to all the rules and conditions applicable. By ticking this box, I also agree to receive any information via post, sms or e-mail from Teen Queen UK and any of its sponsors and or affiliates. Teen Queen UK reserve the right to remove and replace any contestant if the rules are not abided by. Further competition details can be requested by contacting the organisers. To read rules and conditions click here.

If your application is successful, we will write to you to obtain parental consent. If you are considered for the next stage of the competition, you will be invited to London for a photo casting. If you qualify for the live voting stage, your photo will appear on the Teen Queen UK website for a live public vote where vote charges will apply. The top two contestants from each live vote will qualify for the live finals - two from TeenQueen One and two from Teen Queen Two category.

Rules & conditions

Teen Queen UK Rules of Eligibility
Qualifications for eligibility are that each contestant:

  • Shall be aged no younger than 13 and no older than 19 at the competition finals
  • Must not have been married or had a child
  • Must not have appeared topless or nude for any photoshoots
  • Must reside in the UK.
  • Must have full parental consent to enter Teen Queen if you are under 18
  • Must have no criminal record
  • Must not falsify any information. Falsifying information may lead to disqualification
  • The entrant must agree to allow their name and images to be used for any publicity for the competition
  • Teen Queen are data protected
  • All contestants are only permitted to enter the competition once in any competition year
  • Your data will not be made public. We reserve the right to use your data for various marketing activities.
  • Charges will apply when voting by phone or by text message. Calls and SMS votes are charges at 75p per vote. All voters must be over 18 and/or have the permission of the billpayer.
  • The organisers reserve the right to change the date of the final as well as replacing/disqualifying contestants.
  • All contestants are forbidden from using social network sites to promote themselves in the voting stages of Teen Queen UK. Any contestant found promoting themselves on such sites will be disqualified
  • The organisers reserve the right to change the date of the final
  • All contestants aged 12 MUST be 13 before the date of the final. Any 15 year olds that will be 16 before the finals will be placed in to the Teen Queen category NOT the Teen Princess category
  • Parents/guardians MUST be responsible for vote campaign and ensuringall con
  • Parents/guardians MUST be responsible for the vote campaign of contestants aged under 16 and must ensure contestants adhere to the rules
  • Please note Teen Queen UK are NOT a model agency
  • Teen Queen UK are not affiliated/associated to any other teen pageants in the UK
  • We reserve the right to update or amend these terms at any time and your continued use of this site shall be deemed to be your acceptance of such change. It is therefore your responsibility to check the Terms and Conditions.